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The Hawthorne Chronicle is a group of excerpts detailing events in the ancient era.

Ancient Era Excerpts

1. Long ago, in the days of yore, the land that would be Hawthorne was a cauldron of unrest.

2. The Legendary Pokémon descended to the earth in the guise of a Great Bird, its heart heavy with sorrow.

3. In a sacred hawthorn grove, Ho-Oh appeared before a youth of pure heart and anointed them with sacred fire

4. The chosen champion united the land under one banner and named this new Kingdom for Ho-Oh's sacred tree: Hawthorne

5. Hawthorne's first king ruled justly for 100 years. Bards sing of this as the Golden Age.

6. The Line of Hawthorne was blessed by Ho-Oh with long rule, unbroken for centuries. This longevity proved to be its undoing.

7. Time had slowly rotted away the once noble lineage and kings grew increasingly feeble. The day finally came that Ho-Oh no longer recognized the royal line.


The Hawthorne Chronicle excerpts are marked by red books.

Book 1 is located left to the entrance inside the Pokémon Lab

Book 2 is on the second floor of the Onde City Museum.

Book 3 (and 7) are located in the Detective's office in Onde City.

Book 4 is located in a house in Excello Village to the left of the Pokémon Center.

Book 5 is located north-west in the Factory in the same room as the beds.

Book 6 is located in Onde City's Pokémon Center.

Books 7 (and 3) are located in the Detective's office in Onde City.