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Firstly I use to compare the old and new version of the pbs files to see what have truly changed. If the changes are small, I prefer to add them manually.

Download Notepad++, then go to "Search", "Replace", then choose "Regular Expressions" (unless its specified that RegEx doesn't work, then choose something else for that step).

Item and Ability names

Module:Database/Names stores the names of abilities and items. There is actually also a separate module for Abilities, but this does not include names (for now) and does not need to be updated as there'll basically never be any new abilities.

(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*) -> ["\1"] = "\2",

Moves (vip)

Module:Database/Moves stores Move information.

,"(.*) -> \r\n\tDescription="\1,\r\n},

([0-9]+),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*) -> ["\2\r\n\tCategory="\3",\r\n\tAccuracy="\4",\r\n\tPP="\5",\r\n\tChance="\6",\r\n\tTarget="\7",\r\n\tPriority="\8",\r\n\tFlags={\9},

(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*) -> \1"]={\r\n\tMoveName="\2",\r\n\tEffect="\3",\r\n\tStrength="\4",\r\n\tType="\5",

Flags=(.*)a(.*) -> Flags=\1"a",\2

  • repeat for other letters

Rotted Claw, Fist and a few other moves don't work due to a typo in their syntax, which may or may not also cause in-game errors.


Module:Database/TMs is the TM compatibility list. It is constantly being expanded by the newly introduced species, making it unpractical to even try manually editing it, but in case you cared, the newly added pokemon are found at the beginning of the line

#(.*)\r\n ->
, -> ","
\r\n[ -> "},\r\n["

  • This does not work in Regular Expressions, because [ is a special character

]\r\n -> "]={"

  • This does not work in Regular Expressions, because ] is a special character


Module:Database/Titles and Module:Database/Names2 is basically the same thing, just inverses of eachother. The template comes here for help to translate the title of the page into InternalNames and back. While this would normally not be neccessary, it makes the code run faster, and we have issues of long pages taking too much time to load and causing a Lua Error ("not enough memory").


Module:Database/Types Uses the PBS format but often faster to edit it manually.


Module:Database/Encounters is more complicated than I originally expected. It has been edited since, to support areas that have the same name, so I edit it manually for the most part. If you can make it work with Find&Replace (like I did when uploading it the first time), make sure to add a number to the name of areas that have the same name. Also make sure that its the same number that some location pages are already using. At some point I should probably rework it to use the location number instead of the location name, which would make everything a lot easier, but again, I did not have the time for it yet.


Module:Database/Species/Part1, Module:Database/Species/Part2 and Module:Database/Species/Part3 is separated into 2 parts because a single Database is only capable of storing information on about 2000 Pokemon.

" -> '

^Habitat=(.*)($\r\n) ->

  • Same for Name; Shape; BattlerPlayerY; BattlerEnemyY and BattlerAltitude

= -> ="

\r\n -> "\r\n

^Evolutions=(.*)($\r\n) -> Evolutions={\1}\2

  • Same for EffortPoints, Compatibility, BaseStats, Abilities, Moves and EggMoves

, -> ","
^Pokedex=(.*)(",")(.*) -> Pokedex=\1,\3

  • Repeat several times until it changes nothing

"([0-9]+)" -> \1
[ -> ID=

  • This does not work in Regular Expressions, because [ is a special character

]" ->
\r\n -> ,\r\n
{""} -> {}
^InternalName=(.*)(",)($\r\n) -> },\r\n[\1"]={\3
^ID=(.*)($\r\n)},(.*)($\r\n) -> },\3\4ID=\1\2

  • Move to the Module (note: a module supports approximately 2000 Pokemon)
  • Module:
  • Try to publish
  • Fail to publish, check website address at the top and see there is a number
  • Scroll down to this row in the code and fix bug
  • Repeat until publish succeeds, never click "allow publish code with errors"