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The Water type is one of the eighteen types.

Battle properties

Offensive Water Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
½× Fire
½× Dragon
None None


There are currently 32 Water-type Pokémon, which is 15.53% of all Pokémon (counting mega and relic forms as different Pokémon).

Pure Water-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#003 Icon003.png Staryu Water Water
#019 Icon019.png Goldeen Water Water
#020 Icon020.png Seaking Water Water
#021 Icon021.png Poliwag Water Water
#022 Icon022.png Poliwhirl Water Water
#024 Icon024.png Politoed Water Water
#043 Icon043.png Vaporeon Water Water
#151 Icon151.png Magikarp Water Water
#000 Icon000.png Wailmer Water Water
#000 Icon000.png Wailord Water Water
#000 Icon000.png Kyogre Water Water

Half Water-type Pokémon

Primary Water-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#004 Icon004.png Starmie Water Psychic
#004 40px Starmie (Mega Starmie) Water Ghost
#016 Icon016.png Slowpoke Water Psychic
#017 Icon017.png Slowbro Water Psychic
#017 Icon017 1.png Slowbro (Mega Slowbro) Water Psychic
#018 Icon018.png Slowking Water Psychic
#023 Icon023.png Poliwrath Water Fighting
#056 Icon056.png Lotad Water Grass
#057 Icon057.png Lombre Water Grass
#058 Icon058.png Ludicolo Water Grass
#122 Icon122.png Wooper Water Ground
#123 Icon123.png Quagsire Water Ground
#152 Icon152.png Gyarados Water Flying
#152 Icon152 1.png Gyarados (Mega Gyarados) Water Dark
#000 Icon000.png Tentacool Water Poison
#000 Icon000.png Tentacruel Water Poison
#000 Icon000.png Relic Tentacool Water Psychic
#000 Icon000.png Relic Tentacruel Water Psychic
#000 Icon000.png Wingull Water Flying
#000 Icon000.png Pelipper Water Flying

Secondary Water-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#104 Icon104.png Skrelp Poison Water


Move Category Power Accuracy PP Target Description
Aqua Jet Physical 40 100% 20 (max 32)
The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
Aqua Ring Status % 20 (max 32)
The user envelops itself in a veil of water. It regains some HP on every turn.
Aqua Tail Physical 90 90% 10 (max 16)
The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm.
Brine Special 65 100% 10 (max 16)
If the target's HP is down to about half, this attack will hit with double the power.
Bubble Special 40 100% 30 (max 48)
All foes
A spray of countless bubbles is jetted at the opposing team. It may also lower the targets' Speed stats.
Bubble Beam Special 65 100% 20 (max 32)
A spray of bubbles is forcefully ejected at the target. It may also lower its Speed stat.
Crabhammer Physical 100 90% 10 (max 16)
The target is hammered with a large pincer. Critical hits land more easily.
Dive Physical 80 100% 10 (max 16)
Diving on the first turn, the user rises and hits on the next turn. It can be used to dive in the ocean.
Hydro Cannon Special 150 90% 5 (max 8)
The target is hit by a watery blast. The user can't move on the next turn.
Hydro Pump Special 110 80% 5 (max 8)
The target is blasted by a huge volume of water launched under great pressure.
Muddy Water Special 90 85% 10 (max 16)
All foes
The user attacks by shooting muddy water at the opposing Pokemon. This may also lower their accuracy.
Octazooka Special 65 85% 10 (max 16)
The user attacks by spraying ink in the target's face or eyes. It may also lower the target's accuracy.
Rain Dance Status % 5 (max 8)
All Pokémon
The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns, powering up Water-type moves.
Scald Special 80 100% 15 (max 24)
The user shoots boiling hot water at its target. It may also leave the target with a burn.
Surf Special 90 100% 15 (max 24)
All Pokémon
The user attacks everything around it by swamping its surroundings with a giant wave. This can also be used for crossing water.
Water Gun Special 40 100% 25 (max 40)
The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.
Water Pulse Special 60 100% 20 (max 32)
The user attacks the target with a pulsing blast of water. This may also confuse the target.
Water Sport Status % 15 (max 24)
The user soaks itself with water. This weakens Fire-type moves for five turns.
Waterfall Physical 80 100% 15 (max 24)
The user charges at the target and may make it flinch. This can also be used to climb a waterfall.
Whirlpool Physical 35 85% 15 (max 24)
The user traps the target in a violent swirling whirlpool for four to five turns.
Withdraw Status % 40 (max 64)
The user withdraws its body into its hard shell, raising its Defense stat.

Exclusive Abilities

Note: This list does not include Signature Abilities

Ability Description Bearers
Swift Swim Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in rain. GoldeenSeakingPoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrathLotadLombreLudicoloMagikarp
Water Absorb Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move. PoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrathPolitoedVaporeonWooperQuagsire